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Three New Year’s Resolutions to Help the Planet


Each year, many of us resolve to lose weight, exercise more and basically take better care of ourselves. This year, why not resolve to take better care of the planet with these tips for recycling and reuse.


1. Start a personal recycling program. Check with your local municipal government to find out if it offers free recycling. If not, inquire if your local waste management companies offer free or reduced price recycling. If push comes to shove, just about every community has a free recycling center where you can drop off recyclable bottles, cans and paper.


2. Reduce the amount of paper and plastic you consume. Start by making the switch from paper to electronic billing, payments and bank statements. Also register with or to remove your address from junk mail lists. You can also consider subscribing to the digital versions of your favorite magazines and newspapers. California has already banned plastic shopping bags, but you can enact your own personal ban on plastic by investing in a few durable, reusable (and washable) canvas shopping bags. Replace cases of bottled drinking water with a water filter for the faucet or filtered water pitcher and reusable water bottle or canteen.


3. Find more ways to reuse things around your house. For example, empty 2 liter soda bottles cut in half make great garden planters. Repurpose old jeans into oven mitts and last year’s sweaters into this year’s scarves, boot toppers and coffee cup cozies. Along with recycling and waste reduction, reuse decreases how much waste is sent to landfills. It also saves energy and conserves and incinerator natural resources, such as water, all while reducing pollution and limiting the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

Back to School Savings


It’s back to school time, which means back to school shopping. Before you break the bank on school supplies, take a look around the house and you might discover you have more to salvage than you think. Your kids plus a little creativity can help boost  your family’s bottom line and keep items from the landfill in the process.

Denim Transformation  
My daughter used leftover fabric to turn last year’s jeans into this year’s fashion statement.


Binder Bling-Out
An old binder plus old birthday decorations means a stylish start to the school year.


Shoe Show
Who needs name brand sneakers when you have markers and glitter pens.


Celebrate Memorial Day With Patriotic Upcycling Projects

What’s more patriotic than preserving this beautiful country for future generations by reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills? Displaying that patriotism with these super cool flag-inspired projects.

Turn an old shutter into a patriotic display.

photo 1

This flag made from upcycled baseball bats is as American as apple pie and, well, baseball.

photo 2

Upcycled soda and beer bottle caps combine to make this beautiful “red, white and brew” wreath.

photo 3

Dyed or painted scraps of burlap — or old jeans or T-shirts — form the basis for this flag-inspired banner.

photo 4

No flag to fly? No problem. Paint  old soup cans red, white and blue and use them as planters in your garden or along your front walkway.

photo 5

Five Reuse Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 10. If you’re still looking for gift ideas, we’ve collected five awesomely easy reuse craft projects that are sure to put a smile on Mom’s face. Click on the photos below for step-by-step instructions.




Love Bug










Coca-Cola Embraces Upcycling With 2nd Lives Campaign


Recently, beverage giant Coca-Cola teamed up with a Chinese marketing firm to reinvent the company’s sustainability effort. To encourage reuse and up cycling of empty coke bottles, the company outfitted 40,000 bottles in Vietnam with 16 different “re-imagined” bottle tops that allow consumers to use their empty bottles in creative new ways, such as a bubbles bottle, a sprayer, a water gun and even a pencil sharpener.

Check out these other cool re-uses for empty soda and water bottles.

Don’t Just Spring Clean … Upcycle!

Spring is on its way (Yay!), so it’s time to start thinking about cleaning out your winter closets. But before you ditch that old sweater or dump your “Holiday” jeans – you know the ones that are a size too big to make room for all the turkey and pumpkin pie – check out these fun and creative ways to upcycle those throwback threads.




Turn an old sweatshirt into a reusable grocery bag. Get the instructions here.








Turn a sweater into a throw pillow. Find out how here.







Turn those old jeans into a cute purse or cool tote bag. Learn how here.









Use old knees socks as flower pot cozies. Find more here.

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