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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Upcycled Materials

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and if you still haven’t finished your shopping, you’re probably shaking in your Santa boots. Never fear, we’ve collected a few last minute DIY gift ideas, and you won’t even have to leave your house. Check out the step-by-step instructions for each below.

Coffee Cozy

Teacup Candle

Sock Monkey

Valet Tray

Wrap It Up With Reusable Materials

Americans throw away 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, which accounts 25 million tons of extra garbage. If every American family wrapped just three presents in reuseable materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields. And if every family reused just two feet of ribbon, the amount of ribbon saved could tie a bow around the entire planet.
Check out these cool ideas for wrapping gifts with materials you already have lying around the house.


Wrap a wine bottle in a dish towel

Use old maps, comics or pages from a magazine to wrap gifts

Give your gift giving some pizzazz with buttons or even paint sample cards

paint chips
Use fabric from old clothes or accessories to wrap gifts


Use Wood Chips From Turnip Green to Make This DIY Dreidel

The traditional Chanukah dreidel (spinning top) is a throwback to the times when the Greek armies of King Antiochus controlled the Holy Land and passed a series of laws outlawing the study of the Torah. The Jews were compelled to take their Torah learning “underground.” Jewish children would secretly study their texts and then pull out their spinning tops and pretend to be playing games when they saw someone coming.

Cute and Cozy Upcycled Pet Beds

Owning a pet can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be expensive. Cut some of the costs associated with pet ownership by upcycling old furniture and household items into cute and cozy pet beds.

Turn an old hard cover suitcase or briefcase into a cool and cozy pet bed. Learn how here.
Suitcase pet bed

Turn an end table into a comfy resting place for your pooch. Learn how here.
End table pet bed

Watch and learn how to turn a spare tire into a bed for your favorite feline.
Tire pet bed

Save that outdated television from the landfill. Turn it into a pet bed instead. Learn how here.
TV pet bed

An old dresser can be upcycled into a number of things, including an awesome pet bed. Learn how here.
Drawer pet bed

The Great Outdoors Is Even Greater When You Upcycle

Over the last 15 years, the amount of trash generated per household in the United States has decreased dramatically – dropping by some 50 percent between 2000 and 2010. But we still have some work today. For instance, each year, we send more than 8 tons of furniture to landfills, and outdoor furniture is some of the most discarded. Before you throw out that rusted lawn chair or weathered deck furniture, check out these creative ideas to upcycle those unwanted items into a beautiful backyard display.

barbecue grill planter bely chairplanter chairswing colorful-outdoor-furniture-made-from-recycled-plastic-such-fun-id-love-to-have-on-my-deck repurposed-white-plastic-chairs-to-painted-pool-chairs-hometalk


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