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Get Your Game On and Upcycle!

School’s out; summer’s in, which means it’s time for the annual family vacation. Whether you’re traveling by road, rail, air or sea, as a parent, you know there will be the inevitable “Are we there yet?” Keep your brood busy (and your nerves in check) with these crafty travel games you and the kids can make from upcycled materials you already have at home.

I Spy
Fill an old mason or pasta sauce jar with rice and small items from around the house. Think marbles, stray Leggos or hair barrettes. Have the kids take turns shaking the jar and calling out the items they see. The first person to spy all the items wins.



An old Altoid container, buttons and string make a perfectly portable tic-tac-toe game.


CD Checkers
If you’re like me, you have a ton of empty CD and DVD jewel cases lying around the house. Open the case and use string (or a permanent marker) to map out a miniature checker board. Use buttons or soda bottle tops as game pieces. If you want to get fancy with it, cover the CD case with felt and hot glue Velcro tans to the checker pieces.



Dice or Dare
Take a pair if dice from an old board game and enclose them in a plastic container. Then assign a “dare” to each number 2-12. For example, a roll of 2 might call for naming state capitals that begin with the letter N. Take turns rolling the dice in the container until everyone has had a few turns.


Celebrate Memorial Day With Patriotic Upcycling Projects

What’s more patriotic than preserving this beautiful country for future generations by reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills? Displaying that patriotism with these super cool flag-inspired projects.

Turn an old shutter into a patriotic display.

photo 1

This flag made from upcycled baseball bats is as American as apple pie and, well, baseball.

photo 2

Upcycled soda and beer bottle caps combine to make this beautiful “red, white and brew” wreath.

photo 3

Dyed or painted scraps of burlap — or old jeans or T-shirts — form the basis for this flag-inspired banner.

photo 4

No flag to fly? No problem. Paint  old soup cans red, white and blue and use them as planters in your garden or along your front walkway.

photo 5

Tackle This Allergy Season With Fun Upcycling Projects

Sneezing. Coughing. Stuffy head. Runny nose. Watery eyes. That can only mean one thing – it’s Springtime in Middle Tennessee. Many of us are probably loaded down with antihistamines and decongestants to help us through allergy season. And while it may seem the ailments will never end, there is a light at the end of this pollen-filled tunnel: an opportunity to up cycle those used pill bottles into these creative, crafty and allergen-free projects.

bottles1 bottles2

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