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Celebrate Memorial Day With Patriotic Upcycling Projects

What’s more patriotic than preserving this beautiful country for future generations by reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills? Displaying that patriotism with these super cool flag-inspired projects.

Turn an old shutter into a patriotic display.

photo 1

This flag made from upcycled baseball bats is as American as apple pie and, well, baseball.

photo 2

Upcycled soda and beer bottle caps combine to make this beautiful “red, white and brew” wreath.

photo 3

Dyed or painted scraps of burlap — or old jeans or T-shirts — form the basis for this flag-inspired banner.

photo 4

No flag to fly? No problem. Paint  old soup cans red, white and blue and use them as planters in your garden or along your front walkway.

photo 5

The Upcycled Garden — Tips for an Even Greener Thumb

Did you know you can use disposable diapers to keep your plants moist on hot, dry days. The inside lining of diapers contains a chemical absorbent called Sodium Polyacrylate. In gel form (which it becomes after you wet it), it can absorb over 200 to 300 times its own weight in water. So if you sprinkle a mixture of soil and “diaper gel” around your plants before watering, the absorbent will keep soak up the water to keep tour plants from drying out between watering. Watch the video for instructions.

Check out these other cool upcycling garden ideas.

Make a homemade beehive to attract pollinators to your garden. You just need a few easy-to-find scraps of timber, old bamboo canes or old branches. bug box

Use shredded newspapers to mulch around your plants and bushes and keep weeds out of your garden.
paper mulch

An old colander makes a great planter with ready-made drip irrigation.
collander planter

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