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Five Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Recycler

My sister lives in Oakland, CA, where plastic bags — the ones you get at the grocery store or shopping mall — have been banned and paper bags will cost you upwards of 25 cents each, which means residents have to become creative in finding ways to get their purchases from the store to their homes. So this holiday season, I decided to gift her a set of super strong and machine washable canvas bags to make the task a little easier. I was even able to have it monogrammed. Check out these other cool gift ideas for the recycler in your life.







Mint coral canvas bag from the Cute Kiwi












Composting starter kit from Drip Irrigation

















Step-n-Sort stainless steel recycle bin from Bed Bath & Beyond













Glass drinking straws from EcoStraw








shopping cart




Grocery Cart Helper from



11 Ways to Use Fabric From TGCR’s Fabric Carnival


Thanks to everyone came by to check out our Fabric Carnival yesterday. Now that you’ve got all this amazing fabric, we wanted to share a few super easy, cool and creative craft ideas.

1. If you’re a teacher, use fabric to pimp your bulletin boards and take them from “blah” to “blam!”

2. Use scraps of fabric to patch holes and extend the life of your favorite jeans.

3. A few strategically placed stitches can turn a swath of cloth into a beautiful set of napkins.

4. Here’s a twofer… Use fabric swatches to upcycle old shower curtain rings into fabulous napkin rings.

5. Frame a fabric collage to make a stunning wall conversation piece.

6. Give your brimmed hats a makeover with a cool fabric band.

7. Cover a piece of plywood with fabric to make a colorful headboard.

8. A little stitching and Velcro can turn fabric pieces into awesome shams and pillow cases.

9. Bling out your old bathroom accessories by covering them in colorful fabric.

10. Add some trim to quilted fabric to make the perfect picnic basket.

11. Cover a piece of elastic with fabric to make a cutesy baby headband.

And be sure to check out our Pinterest Board for even more ideas for upcycling fabric.

Upcycled Gifts That Will Make Dad Proud

Father’s Day is June 21. Celebrate your #1 guy – and give back to Mother Earth – with these creative gifts made from upcycled materials.

Turn an old bicycle brake pad into a super cool clock for Dad’s man cave. Get the instructions here.


Put a new spin on the traditional necktie with this creative keychain kids can fashion from one of Dad’s old ties. Learn how here.

tie keychain

Here’s a Father’s Day gift that’s fun for Dad and kids – not to mention delicious. After all the Popsicles have been eaten, use the sticks and a favorite photo to make a picture puzzle. See more here.


Looking for something to do with all Dad’s old comic books he refuses to part with? Upcycle them into cool beverage coasters. Learn how here.

comic book covers

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