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How to Upcycle Those Plastic Halloween Pumpkins

Of all the Halloween decorations, the plastic pumpkin is often the most quickly discarded. These dollar store decorations are great for collecting and dispensing candy, but after trick-or-treating is over, the pumpkins can easily end up in landfills where they take hundreds of years to degrade.
Instead of tossing them, turn them into treasures with a little paint and paper.

Use metallic spray paint to turn old plastic pumpkins into modern decorative pieces.

gold pumpkin

Wrapping paper decoupage gives pumpkins a festive look for the winter holidays.


Cotton wrapped pumpkins make perfect snowmen.


Terra cotta colored paint turns plastic pumpkins into garden planters.


Ghoulishly Cool Upcycled Costumes

Halloween is a great time to test your upcycling powers. Why pay good money for a store bought costume that will probably be worn only once before ending up in a trash bin? Instead – with a little creativity – you can turn used stuff you have around the house (or that you pick up at Turnip Green Creative Reuse) into the coolest, candy-yielding costumes ever! Best part: these are projects you and your little ghouls can do together. Check out these examples.

Turns out my family was  upcycling in our house before we even knew what upcycling was. When my then 10-year-old decided she wasn’t too old to go trick or treating after all, we whipped up this last minute costume with paper plates, gift tissue paper and a trash bag.

skittles costume

A painted box and old vinyl records turn your little darling into the neighborhood DJ.

DJ costume

Keep those empty toilet paper rolls. Your Benjamin Franklin will need them for his wig.

They also make for a great Mac and Cheese costume when painted yellow.

ben franklin costume

Here’s a costume that mirrors real life: a laundry basket and old clothes

make a great costume for your dirt magnets.

laundry basket costume

Martha has the right idea with this T-shirt-turned-skeleton costume.

skeleton costume

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