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Cute and Cozy Upcycled Pet Beds

Owning a pet can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be expensive. Cut some of the costs associated with pet ownership by upcycling old furniture and household items into cute and cozy pet beds.

Turn an old hard cover suitcase or briefcase into a cool and cozy pet bed. Learn how here.
Suitcase pet bed

Turn an end table into a comfy resting place for your pooch. Learn how here.
End table pet bed

Watch and learn how to turn a spare tire into a bed for your favorite feline.
Tire pet bed

Save that outdated television from the landfill. Turn it into a pet bed instead. Learn how here.
TV pet bed

An old dresser can be upcycled into a number of things, including an awesome pet bed. Learn how here.
Drawer pet bed

How to Upcycle Those Plastic Halloween Pumpkins

Of all the Halloween decorations, the plastic pumpkin is often the most quickly discarded. These dollar store decorations are great for collecting and dispensing candy, but after trick-or-treating is over, the pumpkins can easily end up in landfills where they take hundreds of years to degrade.
Instead of tossing them, turn them into treasures with a little paint and paper.

Use metallic spray paint to turn old plastic pumpkins into modern decorative pieces.

gold pumpkin

Wrapping paper decoupage gives pumpkins a festive look for the winter holidays.


Cotton wrapped pumpkins make perfect snowmen.


Terra cotta colored paint turns plastic pumpkins into garden planters.


Get Into the Groove With Upcycling


To celebrate the recent bounty of vinyl records we’ve received at the Turnip Green Creative Reuse store, we’ve gathered a few facts about vinyl. Stop by the store to check out our impressive vinyl collection and pick up a few other cool crafty items as well. Then be sure to check out the TGCR Pinterest board for tons of great vinyl project ideas.

• Vinyl records contain polyvinyl chloride, which is not biodegradable. More than 7 billion pounds of PVC are thrown away in the U.S. annually.

• Most album manufacturing companies actually shred and re-use the ones that do not sell. Discounts are offered to artists that return their unsold 45′s for shredding and re-pressing a new 45 with new songs.

• Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, performed by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski, was the first 12-inch recording released by RCA Victor in 1931.

• The groove in a vinyl record starts at the outer edge of the disc and ends towards the center of the disk. When a record is played, the sound can be different on the outer edge than the inner edge.

• Album sales have increased by 80 percent since 2008.

• Record sales were only around 0.3 million in 1993, but in 2013 more than 6 million records were purchased in the USA alone!

Honor Breast Cancer Survivors With These Upcycling Projects

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s time to “think pink.” Check out these upcycling projects that will turn used household items into a pinktabulous show of support for cancer patients and survivors.

If you’ve been a longtime supporter of breast cancer awareness, you’ve probably racked up a drawer full of Race for the Cure t-shirts. With a little needle and thread,   those t-shirts can be transformed into a scarf to keep cancer patients warm during treatment.
Paint old glass jars and bottles pink for a brilliant fundraising table centerpiece. Learn how to paint mason jars and wine bottles here.



Show your support on the go by turning last year’s pink sweater into this year’s coffee cozy. Get instructions here.



Light a candle for breast cancer survivors with these DIY candles upcycled from crayons. Learn how to make them here.


Dorm Room Decorating On a Dime

College is expensive enough. Want to express your individuality while evenly dividing your 12X19 dorm room with your new bestie — without breaking your parents’ bank account? Check out these upcycling projects that will turn your dull dorm room into a super cool castle.

Upcycled coasters or old vinyl covers double as quirky note holders.

note holder

A blinged out shoebox can hide unsightly extension
cords while helping organize device chargers.


Cover those uninspiring white walls with fabric or cool sheets from home.

wall covering

Arrange greeting cards, photos or postcards to create a colorful conversation piece.

picture collage

     Xmas tree lights aren’t just for the holidays.
Give your room some cosmic flare with a string of lights.

xmas lights

Back to School Savings


It’s back to school time, which means back to school shopping. Before you break the bank on school supplies, take a look around the house and you might discover you have more to salvage than you think. Your kids plus a little creativity can help boost  your family’s bottom line and keep items from the landfill in the process.

Denim Transformation  
My daughter used leftover fabric to turn last year’s jeans into this year’s fashion statement.


Binder Bling-Out
An old binder plus old birthday decorations means a stylish start to the school year.


Shoe Show
Who needs name brand sneakers when you have markers and glitter pens.


Upcycling Is Sew Easy

You don’t have to be a seasoned seamstress to master these Upcycling sewing projects. All you’ll need are some old clothes and a little imagination.

T-shirt turned nightgown
In less than an hour you can transform Dad’s old T-shirt into a fashionable nightgown for his favorite girl. Get the deets here.



Make sure you stay close to your baby’s heart by Upcycling old shirts and sweatshirts into cute baby bibs. Get instructions here.


This upcycled apron will have you cooking in no time!

Wine All You Want, But Upcycle the Cork

turnipgreenCork isn’t just for sealing up your favorite reds and whites—it can be upcycled into a number of creative products, from keychains to coasters. Raise a glass and try your hand at these five quirky cork projects. Low on materials? Be sure to stop by Turnip Green Creative Reuse to stock up on corks and other recycled materials for all your arts and crafts projects.



Cork Key Chain


cork pin cushion


Cork Wine Coaster


Garden Herb Labels



The Upcycled Garden — Tips for an Even Greener Thumb

Did you know you can use disposable diapers to keep your plants moist on hot, dry days. The inside lining of diapers contains a chemical absorbent called Sodium Polyacrylate. In gel form (which it becomes after you wet it), it can absorb over 200 to 300 times its own weight in water. So if you sprinkle a mixture of soil and “diaper gel” around your plants before watering, the absorbent will keep soak up the water to keep tour plants from drying out between watering. Watch the video for instructions.

Check out these other cool upcycling garden ideas.

Make a homemade beehive to attract pollinators to your garden. You just need a few easy-to-find scraps of timber, old bamboo canes or old branches. bug box

Use shredded newspapers to mulch around your plants and bushes and keep weeds out of your garden.
paper mulch

An old colander makes a great planter with ready-made drip irrigation.
collander planter

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