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Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Live Greener

National Earth Day may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue the celebration by taking steps to live a little greener every day. “Going green” doesn’t have to be a major event or even cost a lot of money. In fact, most earth-friendly habits can actually save you money. Here are five things you can do right now to live greener.


water filter

Ween yourself off the bottle – bottled water, that is. Did you know that it takes more than 17 million gallons of oil each year just to produce bottled water – enough to fuel one million cars for an entire year. Instead, invest in a water filter for your kitchen tap and a reusable/refillable water bottle for work, school and the gym.




Go paper…less. Reduce the amount of paper you send and receive by enrolling in e-billing and e-payment plans. Most services – from credit cards to utilities – offer an electronic or email billing option, and most banks offer their customers free electronic bill pay service.




farmers market

Become a locavore. Buying locally-grown meats and produce and eating at restaurants that source locally not only helps support the regional economy but also consumes 17 times less fossil fuels than a diet consisting of foods shipped across the country.





Power down and unplug your devices when not in use. In age when the average household has 25 or more devices that use standby power – devices that use continual electricity – controlling that power output is critical. In fact, as much as 10 percent of your electric bill can be the result of this phantom power. Unplugging and plugging in laptops, computers, televisions and mobile devices can save money – and keep you from using unnecessary power.


tire planters

Reduce. Reuse. Upcycle! Most objects used in everyday living can have a second life through upcycling. Vegetable cans and pasta containers double as pencil and office supply holders. Pill bottles make great dried spice containers, and worn car or bicycle tires can find new life as backyard flower planters.

Coca-Cola Embraces Upcycling With 2nd Lives Campaign


Recently, beverage giant Coca-Cola teamed up with a Chinese marketing firm to reinvent the company’s sustainability effort. To encourage reuse and up cycling of empty coke bottles, the company outfitted 40,000 bottles in Vietnam with 16 different “re-imagined” bottle tops that allow consumers to use their empty bottles in creative new ways, such as a bubbles bottle, a sprayer, a water gun and even a pencil sharpener.

Check out these other cool re-uses for empty soda and water bottles.

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