\"Fostering creativity and sustainability through reuse\"

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Started in 2010 as Tennessee’s first creative reuse organization, Turnip Green Creative Reuse (TGCR) is a nonprofit organization that diverts usable material from our landfill for creative endeavors through innovative programming including workshops, a retail store, community education and a green art gallery featuring art made from reusable materials. TGCR collects and distributes unwanted industrial and residential  materials for the purposes of either turning reusable materials into creative projects or providing needed supplies to arts organizations and public schools.

The board of TGCR is diverse, including environmentalists, nonprofit executives, artists, and community members. With the wide range of expertise, TGCR has been able to do a lot in our community in a short amount of time. TGCR has partnered with many of Nashville’s nonprofit organizations on programming and projects, including Artober, Pet Community Center, Nashville Public Library system, Metro Schools, ZeroLandfill, Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, Metro Arts Commission, WRLT’s Live on the Green, Earth Day, Now Playing Nashville, Southern Festival of Books, The Hermitage Fall Fest, University School, Untitled and Platetone Printmaking Cooperative.

TGCR is located at 947 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN 37206. We share our building with Platetone Printmaking and Book Arts. We are open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 2-6 and Saturdays from 12-4. We are also open for special events and by appointment.

TGCR has four areas of service: a retail, education/outreach, artist support and a green gallery. It is a neutral place for artists, educators, and any creative person to connect. We hold a high priority to serve the art community as well as work with children in our community, bringing them ways to create from what they see going in the trash everyday.

We survive solely on donations and project/grant funded programs.We find our strengths in furthering our mission, doing outreach and collaboration in the community. Outside of our Artist Marketplace and Green Gallery, anything you see in the store you are welcome to HAVE. If you have the ability, we’ll gladly accept a donation to help us stay open.



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